Who are we?

Basically, MyungMin International...

  • is a non-profit, official fanclub that aims to strengthen Kim Myung Min's international fanbase by providing a place for Kim Myung Min fans from all over the globe to gather on a national or continental base in order to coordinate their efforts in support of Kim Myung Min
  • is a place to meet new people from the same country and region who share the same enthusiasm for Kim Myung Min.

Most importantly, MyungMin International:

  • will not in any way take over or try to take control of existing websites, forums and blogs dedicated to Kim Myung Min. These sites will remain as they are and owners will have full control over them.
  • is officially sanctioned by Kim Myung Min's management and by Kim Myung Min himself.
We strongly believe that more people will become more interested in Kim Myung Min and they would look for a place to talk about him and to know more about him. Hence, the fanclub as well as the website will be able to provide fans and interested third parties a venue where they can get to know more about him and talk about him. Furthermore, they will have access to desired materials in their own language, or at least in the English “web-standard language.”
We also hope to foster camaraderie and lasting relationships among the fans.