Closer to Heaven / 내 사랑 내 곁에 (2009)

Formerly known as "My Love By My Side"
Release date:  24 September 2009
Jong-woo is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease which involves gradual paralysis of the body. When his mother dies, he meets a funeral service worker, Ji-soo, whom he knew back from his childhood, and falls in love with her. They are married a year later. Despite the worsening symptoms leaving Jong-woo barely able to hold his own spoon, he has never been happier than those moment he spends with his wife, Ji-soo. It is this that has given him the will to fight the disease with more determination than any other.
However, Jong-woo's condition continues to deteriorate. Despite his acknowledgment of the disease, he becomes increasingly anxious as he sees his body degenerate day by day. At length, the speech impediment that he so wanted to avoid begins... - Arirang
Main Cast:
*Kim Myung Min as Baek Jong-woo
*Ha Ji-won as Lee Ji-soo
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