• Name: 김명민 / Kim Myung Min
(Kim Myeong Min)
• Profession: Actor
• Date of Birth: 1972-Oct-08
• Height: 180cm

Weight: 65kg
Talent agency: MMEntertainment
Debut: SBS Talent audition in 1996
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (Theater)
Hobbies: swimming, scuba diving, travelling,
playing the piano
Family: Lee Kyung Mi (wife) and Jae Ha
(son, born in 2004)
Current residence: Seoul, South Korea
Religion: Christian
TV Series: Drama King (2012), Beethoven Virus (2008), WhiteTower (2007), Bad Family (2006), The Immortal Lee Soon Shin (2004), More Beautiful Than a Flower (2004), A Father and a Son (2001) , Look Back in Anger (2000), Some Like it Hot (2000), Kaist (1999)
Movies: Kancheop (2012), Yeongasi (2012), Pacemaker (2012), Man of Vendetta (2010), Closer to Heaven (2009), Open City (2008), Return/Wide Awake (2007), Into the Mirror (2003), Sorum/Goosebumps (2001)
• Endorsements: LIG Construction, Oral-B, SKtelink "00700", Chunjiyang Ginseng Drink, LIG Insurance, Lancome, Maestro, Caesar, Orion “Dr. You”, KIA Motors, ShinChang Construction, LG Electronics, Hankuk Yakult, NamYang Construction, Doosan, Korean Electronic Power Corporation, SK Pharma Co.
The 30th Blue Dragon Film Award: Best Leading Actor (Closer to Heaven)
The 46th Daejong Film Awards:
Best Leading Actor (Closer to Heaven)
The 46th Daejong Film Awards: Netizen's Choice Award (Closer to Heaven)
The 36th Korea Broadcasting Association Awards: Best Actor (Beethoven Virus)
• The 21st Producers Awards of Korea:
Best Performer (Beethoven Virus)
• The 45th PaekSang Arts Awards:
Best TV Actor (Beethoven Virus)
• MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize
(Beethoven Virus)
• The 9th Broadcaster Awards: Best Performance in Broadcasting (Beethoven Virus)
• The 3rd
Korea Drama Festival: Grand Prize (Beethoven Virus)
• The 20th Producers Awards of
Korea: Best Performer (WhiteTower)
• MBC Drama Awards: Best Actor (
• The 43rd PaekSang Arts Awards: Best TV Actor (
• The 20th Grime Awards: Best Actor (
• The 33rd
Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best Talent (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)
• The 18th Producers Awards of Korea: Best Performer (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)
• SBS Drama Awards: PD Award (Bad Family)
• SBS Drama Awards: Fighting Adversity Award
(Bad Family)
• The 18th Grime Awards: Best Actor
(The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)
• KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize
(The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)
• The 6th
Korea Visual Arts Festival: Photogenic Award (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)
• The 4th KBS Right Language Awards: (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin)

• The 2nd Pusan Film Critics Association Awards: Best New Actor (Sorum)
• The 4th Director's Cut Awards: Best New Actor (Sorum)
• MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Some Like It Hot)