Spy / 간첩 (2012)



(international Title: Spy)


Woo Min Ho (우민호)

Produced by:

Lotte Entertainment

Start of Filming:

6 April 2012

Release Date:

20 September 2012


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Will the spies be able to sneak into the audience's hearts?

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Deranged / 연가시 (2012)



(International Title: Deranged)


Park Jeong-woo

Produced by:

Ozone Films

Start of Filming:

13 November 2011

Release Date:

5 July 2012


Kim Myung Min
Moon Jeong-hee
Kim Dong Hwan
Lee Ha Nui

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Will the worm change everyone's brain chemistry and make then come back for a visit in the theatre again and again...?

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Pacemaker / 페이스메이커 (2011)




Kim Dal Jung/김달중
Jeong Hyeon Ah/정현아
Yun Ki Ho/윤기호
Produced by
Dream Capture Studios (CEO Kim Mi Hee)
Lotte Entertainment
Release date
18 January 2012
Start of filming
11 April 2011
End of filming

  28 August 2011


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Detective K / 조선명탐정: 각시투구꽃의 비밀 (2011)


Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow

조선명탐정: 각시투구꽃의 비밀

 Director: Kim Seok-yoon

  Screenplay: Lee Chun Hyeong and Lee Nam Kyu

 Presented by: Showbox/Mediaplex

 Produced by: Generation Blue Films
Co-produced by: withUs Films

Distributed by:  Showbox/Mediaplex

 Filming dates: September 2 to December 2, 2010

 Release Date: January 27, 2011

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Cast of Characters



 Kim Myung Min
as Joseon Detective
 Oh Dal Su
as Han Seo Pil


Han Ji Min
as Han Gaek Ju/Kim Ah Young







A series of mysterious murders plagues 18th century Joseon. Reigning King Jeongjo who suspects that the murders are meant to conceal money laundering activities by high-ranking government officials, commissions the nation's top detective (Kim Myung Min) to investigate.

On the first day of the secret mission, the detective survives an assassination attack with the help of quick-witted dog seller Seo Pil (Oh Dal Su), who eventually becomes his partner. Armed with the only clue to the mystery, the alpine monkshood, they head off to Juksung where they meet Han Gaek Ju (Ha Ji Min), an influential business woman who is a central figure in the case.

As the duo delves into the mystery with the aid of Han Gaek Ju, they discover a massive conspiracy that will shake the whole nation of Joseon...



Source: Naver

Translation credits: ljubov


Man of Vendetta / 파괴된 사나이 (2010)

Written and directed by
Woo Min Ho
Produced by
iFilm Co. Ltd
Target release date 
1 July 2010

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Man of Vendetta tells about the fate of a pastor whose life is shattered because of the abduction of his daughter (Kim So Hyun), whom everyone assumes to be dead. Unable to bear the blow of this loss, he leaves his job and eventually divorces his wife (Park Joo Mi), who dedicated her life to search for their daughter. After 8 years, he receives a call from the kidnapper (Uhm Ki Joon) and learns that his daughter is actually alive. He hunts down the kidnapper in order to retrieve his lost daughter...

Cast of Characters




 Kim Myung Min
as  Joo Young Soo
"I abandoned myself after that day..."
Feeling betrayed by God after his daughter is kidnapped, Pastor Joo Young Soo turns away from his faith and becomes a lowlife businessman. But he lives in guilt and sorrow for not being able to find his daughter.
"After 8 years...I will never lose again"
One day, eight years after the incident, he receives a shocking call. The daughter assumed to be dead is alive, and she's with the man who shattered his life! 
Young Soo, filled with rage and long forgotten love of a father, starts a fierce struggle to recover his daughter from the criminal.
as Rudolph/Choi Byung Chul
"The reason why I contacted you only after 8 years is not important, but what's important is that Hyerin is still alive.”

He has a friendly and innocent-looking face, but he doesn't feel guilty about kidnapping and killing children.

He lives with Hyerin since he abducted her eight years ago. When he encounters Young Soo Joo on the street by chance, their ill-fated relationship starts again.


Park Joo Mi
as Min Kyung
“If I have to die to find Hyerin, I would do so...  a hundred, even a thousand times."

Min Kyung lives in guilt for not being able to find Hyerin. She never gave up hope and continues to search for her alone, even after the investigation is over.

She is in a conflict with her husband, Young Soo, who changed into a totally different person right after the incident happened. And only the belief that her daughter is still alive keeps her going.

One day, while doing the usual distribution of flyers, she sees a girl holding a man's hand pass by. Believing that the girl is her daughter, she chases after her.


as Joo Hyerin didn't forget me, did you?”
5-year-old Hyerin grew up with her pastor dad and her loving mom. One day, she's taken away by a stranger and lives with him for 8 years, forgetting how to feel.

She cannot remember her father, nor her father's face. But she knows within herself that he is looking for her, which awakened the instinct to escape from Rudolph's captivity.






News Updates

Closer to Heaven / 내 사랑 내 곁에 (2009)

Formerly known as "My Love By My Side"
Release date:  24 September 2009
Jong-woo is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease which involves gradual paralysis of the body. When his mother dies, he meets a funeral service worker, Ji-soo, whom he knew back from his childhood, and falls in love with her. They are married a year later. Despite the worsening symptoms leaving Jong-woo barely able to hold his own spoon, he has never been happier than those moment he spends with his wife, Ji-soo. It is this that has given him the will to fight the disease with more determination than any other.
However, Jong-woo's condition continues to deteriorate. Despite his acknowledgment of the disease, he becomes increasingly anxious as he sees his body degenerate day by day. At length, the speech impediment that he so wanted to avoid begins... - Arirang
Main Cast:
*Kim Myung Min as Baek Jong-woo
*Ha Ji-won as Lee Ji-soo
Videos: (with English subtitles)
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Open City / 무방비 도시 (2008)

Released on January 10, 2008

Baek Jang-mi (Son Ye-jin), a female boss of a small pickpocket ring keen to expand its territory in Seoul, draws some attention from authorities in both Korea and Japan by staging a series of high-stakes pickpocket forays in Osaka. Once she returns to Seoul, local police duly begin to track her every move, though her official job is a tattooist clad in a revealing dress.

Another dangerous woman named Kang Man-ok (Kim Hae-sook) comes into play. Kang used to be a veteran pickpocket, and the list of her crimes and convictions is quite long. As soon as Kang serves her time in prison, she encounters her former ring member, Baek Jang-mi, who hides her thorns inside.

Baek has set up a new pickpocket team and she wants Kang to lend her legendary hands so that they can hit it big, while conquering the lucrative market areas such as Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.

But the old "stealthy" hand expresses her will to stay clean by chewing none other than the sharp blade, a key tool used for stealing money from unsuspecting merchants and ordinary people.

What Kang does not foresee in her right decision to avoid the crime scene is her crisscrossed past, which has compromised her future. At the end of the lethal human spectrum stands Cho Dae-young (Kim Myung-min), a talented detective who has a traumatic experience about his mother...

Kim Myung Min as Jo Dae-yeong
Son Ye-jin as Baek Jang-mi
Kim Hae-sook  as Kang Man-ok
Son Byeong-ho as Oh Yeon-soo
Shim Ji-ho as Choi Seong-soo
Yoon Yoo-seon as Jo Soo-hyeon
Kim Byeong-ok  asHong Ki-taek/Hong Yong-taek
Ji Dae-han as  Kim Kwang-seob
Park Gil-soo as Son Yong-soo
Do Gi-seok  as Lee Won-jong
Kim Joon-bae as Franken


Return/리턴 (2007)

August 2007

Due to inadequate use of anesthetics, a young boy experiences “intra-operative awareness” during his own heart surgery, hearing every sound and movement of the procedure. From the scalpel slicing through his body and surgical saw cutting through his rib cage, he remains completely aware! Unable to respond from the muscle-relaxation used during his surgery, the little boy is severely traumatized from this horrific accident. As a result, the child ends up brutally murdering a young girl soon after the incident. The boy is placed in a mental institution. Several psychiatrists find interest in his case, and decide to utilize radical treatment methods in order to cure the child. Through the use of hypnotism, they succeed in sealing the part of the boy’s memory, his past and the personality that spawned from it. With this success, the boy is given a second chance and is placed to lead a normal life in society. 20 years later, the man’s childhood is once again unlocked from a series of events, and leads to a series of gruesome murders. On a mission to spread the same pain he suffered as a child, the killer becomes cruel yet clever. As the killing continues, each of the memories and the secrets that lie 20 years in the past are slowly revealed.


Yoo Joon Sang (Nightmare, Tell Me Something)
Tae-Woo Kim (Hypnotized)
Kim Yoo-Mi (Doll Master, Phone)
Kim Myung-Min (Into The Mirror, Sorum)


Into the Mirror/거울속으로 (2003)

Released: 2003
Dreampia Department Store is preparing to re-open after being closed for a year due to a mysterious fire. Inside the store, a series of horrific serial murders are discovered. Late at night, an employee in the planning department Choi Mi-jeong is found in the restroom, having slit her throat with a pizza cutter. Next, Section Chief Kim from the General Affairs department dies alone at night in the elevator with a ball point pen thrust into his ear canal. The only commonalities in the cases are their location in front of mirrors, and the severe shock which helped to bring about their deaths.

Wu Young-min (Yoo Ji-tae), a former policeman who inadvertently brought about the death of his partner during a face-off with a criminal, has quit the force and now heads up security at Dreampia Department Store. Wu comes across his former rival and co-worker Ha Hyun-su (Kim Myung-min), who now heads the investigation into the recent murders at the department store. Hyun-su still blames Young-min for the death of their friend and is not interested in cooperation. The more clues they stumble on, the more strange and unnatural the truth becomes.

  • Yoo Ji-tae as Wu Young-min
  • Kim Hye-na as Lee Ji-Hyun
  • Kim Myung Min as Ha Hyun-su
International Film Festivals
  2003 Tokyo FilmEx
  2005 Gerardmer International Fantastic Film Festival, Inédits Vidéos , Le Prix du Public Inedits Video Mad Movie
  2004 Fantasia Film Festival , Korean Cinema
  2004 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival,
  2004 Mar del Plata International Film Festival ,
  2003 SSITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia,




Sorum / Goosebumps / 소름 (2001)

Released: August 2001
Looking for a fresh start, a young taxi driver moves into apartment #504 of a crumbing tenement. He soon discovers the previous tenant died mysteriously, and everyone on the floor is somehow connected to the dead man. After befriending the troubled neighbour living few doors down, he stumbles into an affair that sends them both down a dark path. But there's something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building. Does a ghost haunt those living here, or does true evil exist in those left alive?
Kim Myung Min as Yong-hyun
Jang Jin Young as Sun-yeong
2001 Blue Dragon Award: Best Actress (Jang Jin-Young)
2002 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film: Award Best Actress (Jang Jin-Young)
2002 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film: Award Best Director  (Yun Jong-chan)
2002 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film: Special Jury Award (Yun Jong-chan)
2002 Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema: Best Actress (Jang Jin-Young)
2001 Pusan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actor (Kim Myung Min)
2001 Pusan Film Critics Awards: Best New Actress (Jang Jin-Young)
2001 The 4th Director's Cut Awards: Best New Actor (Kim Myung Min)
2001 The 4th Director's Cut Awards Best Actress (Jang Jin-Young)
2001 Festival de Cine de Sitges Best Actress (Jang Jin-Young)